Hello & welcome to  Zscheiplitz manor — one of the oldest European aristocratic residencies!

In 2015 we become a focal point of the global heritage community by being declared, alongside with Naumburg Cathedral and other monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are honoured to invite you to explore our region together with us. Will be happy to guide you through its artistic and historical treasures: steep vineyards, ancient castles, picturesque parks and villages. We organise various tours across the region, including biking, hiking and kayaking. 

We also intend to organise cultural and artistic events of great variety and exuberance – photo and arts exhibitions, theatrical events, musical concerts.

For us World Heritage status means opening the region to the entire world, bringing its people and all these interested in European cultural heritage close together. Feel free to approach us, if German language is not your forte — our guides speak all major European languages.

See you soon!