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Refectorium is open to the public

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On Sunday, May 1, after a year of careful restoration,the 1420 – 1440 Refectorium of St. Martini Benedictine Nunnery at Zscheiplitz has opened its doors to the visitors.

The beamed ceiling has survived for more then 600 years and is, practically, intact. The overall volume of the room, however, is substantially reduced by the wall, build in late 19th century, which divided the room into two unequal parts. Also, the level of the floor is, at least, 50 cm higher then the original. Unfortunately, no decorative elements – murals, paintings – were discovered.

For a comparable room, in German called Bohlenstube, although re-assembled at a new location some hundred years later (the house which contains it is at least 100 years younger, so the ceiling was made for a different room, originally) please follow the link below.


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