Early medieval Germany had no capital. Instead, it had a number of imperial Pfalzen — royal palaces — where emperors stayed while visiting the county. Indeed, only the most trustworthy families were honoured to host and entertain the Imperial Court, providing it with preeminent services and goods of superlative quality.

Hundreds of years later, we have decided to revive the art of connoisseurship by creating the PfalzMarke brand, which stands for the most original and true that the world can offer.

The PfalzMarke is not just a marketing concept, but a reflection of our heritage — the heritage of the Hahn family and that of the Pfalzgrafenhof Weissenburg, where we reside, and which we have been restoring since 2011. Pitched high above the river Unstrut, surrounded by forests and vineyards, it was once a residence of the Imperial Counts Palatine of Saxony. It is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage nominated Saale-Unstrut region.

The name Pfalz is a synonym of quality and integrity. Millennia-old, it stands for continuity and sustainability. It represents history and embodies tradition. It is unique and original. It ensures individuality, taste, exuberance, uniqueness, and personality survive and flourish.