Our Family

The first Hahn is mentioned in the historical annals as Eckhard the I-st, or “Eggehardus Gallus” in Latin original. In 1230 he is referred to as a councilor and a knight of the Duke Johann the I-st of Mecklenburg. Not much is known about his ancestors, though the family legend points to Franconia as a place of family’s origin.

Our branch of the family starts from Johann August von Hahn (1730 – 1791), Postmaster General during the reign of Catherine the Great of Russia. His discendants were incorporated into the Ösel’s Nobility Corporation in 1849 with the arms identical to that of the Coulrand branch. Further, the descendants of Johann August were also received into the St. Petersburg nobility with the Russian arms granted in 1791 by the Empress.


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Empress Katherine the Great grants Johan August the rank of State Councillor, Jan. 1795


Notable members of the family:

  • Johann August von Hahn (c. 1730 – 1799) — Privy Councillor to the Empress Catherine II, General-director of the St.Petersburg Post Department and Imperial Postmaster
  • Friedrich August von Hahn (1761–1851) — Actual State Councillor, St.Petersburg post Director
  • Eugen Kaspar von Hahn (1807–1874) — Senator, Privy Councillor

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Emperor Alexander II grants Eugen Kaspar the rank of Privy Councillor, Mar. 1863

  • Alexander von Hahn (1809–1895) — General of the Infantry, member of the Military Council of the Minister of War
  • Dmitry K. von Hahn (1830–1907) — General of the Infantry, Inspector of the Border Guard Corps
  • Sergey D. (1860–1914) — Actual Privy Councillor, President of the Russian Imperial Bank, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry


Coat of arms of the Hahn family, incorporated in the Ösel nobility association