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Heritage design: label of Klosterbier Zscheiplitz

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“Make a better future by developing elements from the past” wrote German philosopher and poet Goethe.

Words that designer Karl Lagerfeld espouses as his mantra, while ever-evolving the House of Chanel. Words provide the foundation for driving a heritage brand successfully forward, without sacrificing the authentic core from which it was established.

There is no one definition of heritage. However, it does evoke a feeling of history, credibility, trust and authenticity in the consumer’s mind.

Klosterbier Zscheiplitz project started in June 2015 and resulted in creation of one of the truly ‘heritage brands’ — а link between the name of an ancient religious and historical monument and that of the product of highest quality.

The brand is further strengthen by the label design: Its main visual element is a heraldic representation of the Cockerel – an ancient family crest.

The calligraphic inscription Klosterbier Zscheiplitz is vertical, not horizontal, and more decorative, than informative. From the right it is flanked by the five lines of text: The story of Adelheid and Friedrich finds its place on a drink bottle, turning it into a communication medium rather then a liquid container.

Due to high production costs and limited output the project Klosterbier Zscheiplitz was not conceived as a profit generator. Rather it is a manifestation of branding potential then it comes to heritage. As a narrative it can provide endless inspiration for both designers and consumers.

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